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Directory Scanner

There is a directory scanning component which watches the following directory for properties files that declare build definitions to be added to the BUILD.TASKS queue.


Build definitions properties files

The properties files follow this format
build.main = clean m:checkout m:build

This would result in exactly one build definition put onto the queue.

You don't need to create one properties file for each build definition and replicate all the project data over and over again. Instead you can just add several build.* properties to the file, each will be turned into a build definition and added to the BUILT.TASKS queue. For example this is one we use for the J2EE TCK (it doesn't reveal anything about the tck so it's fairly harmless to show).

build.three= clean tck:tomcat three tck:work-status
build.four= clean tck:tomcat four tck:work-status
build.five= clean tck:tomcat five tck:work-status

In action

When that file is added to the gbuild-agent-1.0-SNAPSHOT/apps/gbuild-agent/tasks directory, you'll see something like the following in the log file.

2005-12-19 23:57:39,845 [Thread-1] DEBUG BuildAgent:build-producer      - File Discovered: /home/dblevins/gbuild-agent-1.0-SNAPSHOT/apps/gbuild-agent/tasks/
   2005-12-19 23:57:49,849 [Thread-1] INFO  BuildAgent:build-producer      - New File: /home/dblevins/gbuild-agent-1.0-SNAPSHOT/apps/gbuild-agent/tasks/
   2005-12-19 23:57:49,854 [Thread-1] INFO  BuildAgent:build-producer      - Processing /home/dblevins/gbuild-agent-1.0-SNAPSHOT/apps/gbuild-agent/tasks/
   2005-12-19 23:57:49,854 [Thread-1] INFO  BuildAgent:build-producer      - Project - 52 - geronimo-tck-tomcat 1.0
   2005-12-19 23:57:49,855 [Thread-1] INFO  BuildAgent:build-producer      - Build - 0 - build.four clean tck:tomcat four tck:work-status
   2005-12-19 23:57:49,856 [Thread-1] INFO  BuildAgent:build-producer      - Build - 1 - build.three clean tck:tomcat three tck:work-status
   2005-12-19 23:57:49,861 [Thread-1] INFO  BuildAgent:build-producer      - Build - 2 - build.five clean tck:tomcat five tck:work-status

This means you've just added three build definitions to the BUILD.TASKS queue.

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