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IBatisNetGen -- CodeSmith template for IBatis.NET
Added by smartkid, last edited by smartkid on Feb 25, 2007

IBatisNetGen generates IBatisNet SQL mapping file and a group CSharp classes from a database table.

Output for each database table:
Entity, the C# class that represents a database record.
DaoIntf, the C# DAO interface contains a group of data manipulation methods, such as:
GetCount, gets the count of all records.
FindAll, loads all database records.
Find, loads a database record using primary key value(s).
FindByXXX, loads a group of records by the value of a column.
Delete, deletes a database record.
DeleteByXXX, deletes a group of records of by the value of a column.
Update, updates a database record.
DaoImpl, the C# DAO implementation class that implements the interface referred by DaoIntf.
DataMaps, the IBatis.NET SQL mapping file that contains SQL statements used in the DaoImpl above.


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