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3rd Party Contributions
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Code Generators

Tools which generate SQL Maps and or Java files, some implemented as a plugin to an IDE. Many have the same goals as Ibator, which is maintained by the iBATIS team.

  • Ibator by the iBATIS team
    Not really a 3rd party tool, it is maintained by the iBATIS team, but included here for reference. Actively maintained, with an Eclipse plug-in
  • IDEA plug-in by Libing Chen and Larry Meadors
    Has (reasonably) intelligent SQL generation for CRUD operations, as well as a few other feature that we haven't gotten documented yet.
  • SQL Map Generator by Alex Egorov
    Some handy scripts to generate SQL Maps and configuration. If you're looking to jumpstart your development with iBATIS, this is a good tool to try. The website is a bit slow, but it's a lot faster than coding by hand.
  • Jasmine IDE plug-in by Gregory Engel
    A point and click program for building maps/ value objects and a dao class.
  • IBatisNetGen
    Generates IBatisNet SQL mapping file and a group of CSharp classes from a database table.
  • iBATIS plugin for IntelliJ IDEA
    iBATIS plugin aimed at accelerating iBATIS development in IntelliJ IDEA.

Convert ResultSet to JSTL Result

Convert ResultSet to JSTL Result was originally posted to gmane.comp.java.ibatisdb.user and included here for reference

EHCache support for iBatis

EHCache support for iBatis is a CacheController implementation and configuration to delegate iBatis caching to EhCache.

Convert ResultSet to JSTL Result (iBATIS DataMapper)
EHCache support for iBatis (iBATIS DataMapper)
Jasmine IDE IBatis GUI (iBATIS DataMapper)
JavaModelGenerator through Velocity (iBATIS DataMapper)

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