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How do I setup NPetshop
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Download NPetshop

A zip file containing the NPetshop VS.NET solution can be downloaded from the Files section of the iBATIS .NET !SourceForge project.

Optionally, the latest NPetshop source code can be obtained from the iBATIS .NET Subversion repository...see [How do I get read-only access to the source control repository?].

Web Sharing

Setup Web Sharing for the `NPetshop.Web` folder (right-click for folder properties and the Web Sharing tab).

Data Source

Open the NPetshop solution in VS.NET, and edit the `dao.config` file in the `NPetshop.Web` project for the database being used (make sure the <database> entry you are using is NOT commented).

    <provider name="OleDb1.1"/>
    <dataSource name="Access"

Run NPetshop

Start/Run the application in Debug mode and browse the NPetshop!

If necessary, set `NPetshop.Web` as the !StartUp Project and set `Default.aspx` as the Start Page.

If you get an "Operation must use an updateable query" error when performing an action that causes a database insert, update, or delete, you may need to give the ASP.NET machine account Modify permissions for both the folder containing the NPetshop Access database as well as the Access database file itself. Modify permissions are required for the folder since Access creates an .ldb file (locking database file) in the same directory as the Access .mdb file whenever a user uses the database.

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