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Libing Chen (a 29 year old software developer from China) posted to one of the mailing lists about an iBATIS plug-in for IDEA that he had started working on.

Now that IDEA 7 is closer to release (I've been using M2 since it's release, and it's been pretty solid), and cheaper (<$250 now), I've started working with (and on) this plug-in.

We now have intentions for automatically creating result maps and all CRUD operations (insert, select, update, and delete).

To download the plug-in, go here:

  • http://code.google.com/p/ibatis-plugin/downloads/list

To read more about the plug-in, go here:

  • http://docs.google.com/View?id=dc73pj2h_6db54mm

Here's a video (about 7M - 1:20 long) showing full CRUD generation for two tables.

  • http://www.elm-software.com/video/ibatis-demo3.mov

Part of the video shows how to create the empty tags for the CRUD operations, this is simply a custom live template in IDEA, here is how it is set up (File > Settings > Live Templates (k)):

Here is a screen shot of the configuration page for the plug-in:

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