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Added by Alfredo Marchini, last edited by Alfredo Marchini on Sep 29, 2007

Hi all,
I'm a newbie here, but I use ibatis always for my db applications from 2.1.x (I don't remember exactly and now 2.2.0.
Now I want to change, because I'd like to use something that permits me to reduce xml and java code:

Now I need to create sql for each query I want to use, and a resultMap for every select.
Now there are JPAPI, and permits me to don't write any information about resultMap, and no sql for insert, update, delete and single row select queries (only for primary keys). -20% of xml code no?
But I don't like JPAPI when I need to specify, in the Entity classes, the sql for queries that don't matches the entity manager default methods (persist, merge, find and remove).
It's possible to integrate ibatis with JPAPI, and continue using sqlMap with xml to write additional sql and call it from entity manager (I used ibatis for toggle sql code from java code, and I don't understand why now all wants to insert sql code in java code).

Now, in ibatis version 2.2.0, I need configure a dao interface for everything I need before using maps, but when using both sqlmaps and xml files the dao interface could be very useful. It's possible to resolve this problem in ibatis 3.0 (this is the most important feature that cannot permit me to upgrade to ibatis 2.3.0, I had to change 2.2.0 code to implement, in DaoManager, the isolationLevel in transactions)?

Now ibatis 2.3.0 works only with one jar. Very good.
JPAPI with Hibernate needs many jar, including JBoss Entity Manager. This is why I don't want to try Hibernate.
Also I tried to find more JPAPI based framework, but I don't like any of it. The best I found for architecture is OpenJPA, but
has many bugs, and I don't like frameworks that modify my code for enhancement or write stupid superclasses for their internal engine (not openjpa but others).
It would be very good if we use JPA with ej3-persistence.jar, jdbc.jar, ibatis.jar, logging.jar and stop. Then if we need DBCP or other we will add them, but few required libraries, please.

I'm testing JPA and Ibatis is a 5 time better than JPAPI, but JPAPI are abstract, and if you was able to write the most quickly framework for orm, I think you will be able to make already a great work.

It's all, easy no?
Thank you very much.

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