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Type Handler Callbacks
Added by Ken Weiner, last edited by Isidoro TreviƱo on Jul 17, 2007  (view change)

Implementations of com.ibatis.sqlmap.client.extensions.TypeHandlerCallback can be used to map between a Java object type and a database column. The following is a list of TypeHandlerCallback implementations that may be useful to iBATIS developers.

Java Type Database Type sqlmap-config Declaration Source Code
java.net.URL VARCHAR
<typeHandler javaType="java.net.URL" callback="com.yourpackage.UrlTypeHandlerCallback"/>
java.lang.Boolean VARCHAR
<typeHandler javaType="boolean" callback="com.yourpackage.YNBooleanTypeHandler"/>
org.w3c.dom.Document XMLType
<typeHandler javaType="org.w3c.dom.Document" callback="com.yourpackage.XMLTypeHandlerCallback"/>
org.joda.time.DateTime DATE
<typeHandler javaType="org.joda.time.DateTime" callback="yourpackage.DateTimeTypeHandlerCallback"/>

More information on Type Handler Callbacks can be found here.

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