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Every committer has access to update the website. ibatis.com/.net/.org simply forward to ibatis.apache.org. The ibatis.net and .org domains are actually parked at apache.org, but ibatis.com is a page forward because the DTDs are still hosted there. The DTDs are also at ibatis.apache.org, but it will be some time before everyone has moved over.

The basic web site is generated with Sitemesh. The source for the site is in SVN here:


You can check out the site, modify or add a page, then execute the "build" command to regenerate the site locally. This will create a local "deploy" directory containing the entire site. If you update the side bar, you'll need to upload every generated page, otherwise you can just upload the page(s) you've changed.

Note that the site on people.apache.org has these subdirectories that are maintained seperately from Sitemesh - they should not be touched when uploading the generated site:

/dtd - the dtd directory
/tools - a directory for holding an Eclipse update site for Abator
/docs/dotnet - .Net documentation
/docs/java - Java documentation
/docs/ruby - Ruby documentation
/docs/tools - Tools documentation

Once you've regenerated the site, here's how to update it:

  1. Log into people.apache.org with WinSCP or your favourite secure "ftp".
  2. Navigate to /www/ibatis.apache.org/
  3. Overwrite (or delete and re-upload) the site files
  4. Make sure that any new files/directories you add have the correct permissions. The correct permissions are rw-rw-r-- (664) for most files, and rwxrwxr-x (775) for directories (use the chmod command to change). The only exception to this is the dotnetdownloads.cgi file which must have permissions set to rwxrwxr-x (775)

Currently Apache sites are updated every hour starting at 11 minutes after the hour. See this page for information how to preview changes:


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