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Which database-driver-combinations are known to work with iBATIS DAO and SqlMap
Added by Joerg Buchberger, last edited by Chadwick on Jun 21, 2009  (view change)

database name db version driver vendor/name driver version
Oracle all all all, but recommend 10g
DB2 all all all
HSQLDB all n/a n/a
MS SQL Server 2005 Sourceforge JTDS 1.1
MS SQL Server 2000 Sourceforge JTDS 1.0.3
MS SQL Server 2000 Microsoft 2.2.0040
MS SQL Server 2000 DataDirect 3.5
MySQL 4 Connector/J 3.1.8a
PostgreSQL 7/8 jdbc.PosgreSQL.org 7/8
Firebird all all all
MSAccess 97 Sun JDBC-ODBC Bridge bundled with JRE
MSAccess 2000 Sun JDBC-ODBC Bridge bundled with JRE

NOTE: The Sun JDBC-ODBC Bridge is NOT recommended! Some people have had success using it, but according to Sun:

"The JDBC-ODBC Bridge should be considered a transitional solution. Sun Microsystems and DataDirect Technologies are working to make the Bridge more reliable and robust, but they do not consider it a supported product. With the development of pure Java JDBC drivers, the JDBC-ODBC Bridge should become unnecessary."

If you plan on writing a real application that will be used by more than one time by the developer, please find a better driver here: http://developers.sun.com/product/jdbc/drivers

While purchasing a JDBC driver may sound like a bad idea (everything else is free), consider the time that you spend and calculate the value of the time lost. A good driver will quickly pay for itself (especially compared to the JDBC-ODBC Bridge).

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