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Helper API
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  • Helpers are set to a page using dependency injection.
  • The page utilizes whatever helper is given to it.
  • If needed, a page can utilize more than one helper.
  1. User submit input to UI
  2. UI populates and invokes helper
  3. Helper validates input
  4. If input is valid, Helper invokes business logic
  5. UI binds or renders output
    • Where output is any combination of
      • Single text object
      • List of text objects (one or more)
      • Error or Fault message
      • Other text message



  • void ExecuteBind (ICollection controls);
  • void ReadExecute (ICollection controls);
  • void Bind (ICollection controls);
  • void Execute ();
  • void Read (ICollection controls);

ReadOnly properties

  • IDictionary Criteria
  • IList Outcome
  • IDictionary Alerts
  • bool HasAlerts
  • Exception Fault
  • bool HasFault
  • bool IsNominal
  • string ErrorsText
  • IDictionary Hints
  • bool HasHints
  • string HintsText
  • IFieldTable FieldTable


  • string Prefix
  • string ListSuffix
  • bool NullIfEmpty
  • string SelectItemPrompt

Injected system properties

  • IList FieldSet
  • IRequestCatalog Catalog
  • IRequestCommand Command

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