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Mission Statement

Create, deploy, and improve a range of best-practice example applications, and help others use the same techniques to create, deploy, and improve their own applications.

Applications rule, frameworks drool.

Most application frameworks ship with one or more example applications. Struts has MailReader. iBATIS has Petstore. JSF has CarDemo. ASP.NET distributes several "starter kits". Some frameworks, like Spring, even consider the examples to be "first-class citizens".

From the OverDrive perspective, the applications are not just first-class citizens, they are the only first-class citizens. The MVC framework shared by the applications is simply a means to an end.

OverDrive is about writing business applications, regardless of platform, and extracting components the applications can share. The initial OverDrive applications are being written for ASP.NET/Mono, but versions for Java5 and PHP5 are expected.

The first two applications on the billet are

  • PhoneBook – A single-table employee directory.
  • MailReader – A multi-table account listing.

Once these ship, others will follow, including

  • Examples – A coding reference to document common strategies.
  • Wicker - A shopping cart application.
  • Gavel - An online b2c auction application.

Monthly Status

[01 Jul 2005] A checkbox shy of our 0.1 milestone.
[01 May 2005] Stub solutions for framework and PhoneBook posted.
[01 Apr 2005] Project is launched.

Weekly Status

[15 Jul 2005] Add ClearContext command. Doesn't help with Phonebook.
[08 Jul 2005] Problem with PhoneBook.Directory2.aspx: Need two submits to change filters.
[01 Jul 2005] Add support for Message Sources to PhoneBook and Framework.
[24 Jun 2005] PhoneBook application functionally complete, but needs a checkbox control to complete UI requirements.
[17 Jun 2005] Prototype framework ported to Nexus.
[10 Jun 2005] List of entries displayed for PhoneBook.

[27 May 2005] Wiki moved to Atlassian server with other Apache projects.

[15 Apr 2005] Display page for PhoneBook drafted.
[08 Apr 2005] PhoneBook and framework passed first set of tests.
[01 Apr 2005] Project is launched.


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