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Application Use Cases
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Blank Use Cases

The Blank application provides a skeleton that developers can us to create new applications.

Business Use Cases (end user applications)

Priority Actor Goal Story or Brief Issue ID
      Request Welcome Page  
      Request Action Resource  

System Use Cases (application development)

Priority Actor Goal Story or Brief Issue ID
      Create new application  
      Change Action Extension  
      [Enable New Tag Syntax]  

Cookbook Use Cases

The Cookbook application provides generic examples of how to accomplish common goals, such as capturing input and selecting alernative responses.

The Action 2 Cookbook will subsume most of all the Examples application from Action Apps 1.

Business Use Cases (end user applications)

Priority Actor Goal Story or Brief Issue ID
  Framework Capture Input Input from the request can be captured as properties on the Action class  

System Use Cases (application development)

Priority Actor Goal Story or Brief Issue ID
  Developer Create Input Action Create a simple input form and Action class  

MailReader Use Cases

The MailReader is a best-practices example of a typical Struts application.

  • See the MailReader in Action.
Priority Actor Goal Story or Brief
*.* Visitor Read Mail Visitors can Browse or Register. Subscribers can Login to a Profile and Subscribe to various mail servers (external to the system), Retrieve the mail for subscriptions, and Compose email messages. Data is retained between sessions.
0.1 System Retain Profiles and subscriptions are stored for later retrieval.
0.2 Subscriber Register Subscribers can store login credentials and a primary email contact with the system.
0.3 Subscriber Login Subscribers can present their registration credentials to use an account again.
0.4 Subscriber Logout Subscribers can end an application session, retaining any changes.
0.5 Visitor Profile Subscribers can create and edit an account profile.
0.6 Subscriber Menu Subscribers can select available tasks from a list, including edit Profile and Logout.
0.7 Visitor Browse Visitors can browse the Welcome, Login, and Register pages (only) without presenting credentials.
0.8 Visitor Localize Visitors can select a supported language and browse the site in that language.
0.9 Subscriber Subscribe Subscribers can maintain a set of email subscriptions for an account.
0.10 Subscriber Theme Subscribers can select an alternate theme (or "skin") for the application.
0.11 Subscriber Retrieve Subscribers can check email subscriptions for new messages.
0.12 Subscriber Compose Subscribers can compose email messages and replies.

Actor Goal
Visitor Explore site to decide if it is useful, or log back into the site.
Subscriber Manage set of email accounts.
System Interact with other Actors.

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