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Create new application
Added by Ted Husted, last edited by Ted Husted on Mar 04, 2006


Arthur Dent needs to start a new application named "VogonPoetry". He extracts the source distribution and copies the apps/blank folder to his project direcotory, renaming blank to "VogonPoetry". Under the src/java folder, Arthur renames "blank" to "com" and adds a "magrathea" subdirectory, to create a "com.mangrathea" package. Firing up IDEA, Arthur creates a new project, and adds a web module. After making the module, and testing the welcome page, Arthur puts on ear plugs, and goes to work.


Goal Create new application
Level User Goal (User Goal, Summary, Subfunction)
Trigger Requirements ready
Primary Actor Developer

Main Success Scenario (MSS)

Step Action
1 Extract source distribution.
2 Copy apps/blank as the application to be created.
3 Rename "blank" package to application package name.
4 Configure development environment.
5 Modify and extend application code as needed.

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