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Log Facility Isssue
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This is an actual case taken from a working project. The hyperlinks are non-functional since they point to other internal resources. We retained the links to demonstrate how a wiki can be used to organize Use Cases.


Apollo receives a violation report in his in-box from Diana. The violation report shows that the City of Olympus has exceeded the effluence standard set in its permit for the month of March 2005 (AD). Apollo [finds the Olympus facility] and notes that it has no open issues. Apollo selects "Add a new issue" to log the pertinent details:

Facility Name Olympus, City of
Facility ID S-12345
Program Municipal
Status Type Level 1 List
Issue Type Effluence Exceeded Permit Limits
Inception Date 03/15/2005
Case Number  
Mandate Case Number:  

Apollo saves the new issue, and goes on to [issue a Notice of Violation].


Goal Log a Facility Issue
Level User Goal (User Goal, Summary, Subfunction)
Trigger Agency discovers permit violation
Primary Actor Engineer

Main Success Scenario (MSS)

Step Action Screen
1 Engineer [finds Facility] [Facility Issue Find]
2 Engineer selects a Facility Issue, or Engineer asks System to add a new issue [Facility Issue List]
3 Engineer [enters the issue details] (see Narrative) [Facility Issue Edit]
4 Engineer asks System to [save] the changes
5 System returns to Facility Issue list [Facility Issue List]


Step Branching Action
2a Facility not in system
.1 Engineer asks Systtem to [Log Facility]


Step Variation
1 Actor is an Enforcement Coordinator

Story [WNE-5@JIRA]

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