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We persist data so that we can retrieve it again. How can we retrieve the data we need, and only the data that we want?

Presentation - Mapping workflows

Retrieving objects can be the most interesting part of the CRUD quartet. In this session, we put to task the Java Persistence API Query Language (JPL).

  • How do we write simple queries?
  • Can we use functions?
  • Can we use parameters?

Workshop - Login

In the lab, we authenticate a MailReader user by retrieving a User's credentials (username and password).

Story: Subscribers can end an application session, retaining any changes. Subscribers can present their registration credentials to use an account again.

  • Retrieve the credentials for a User entity
  • Compare the credentials with input parameters


  • Fundamentals JPA Query Language
  • EntityService and EnityManagerHelper
  • User entity object


  • Review the Login use cases
  • Create a LoginTest class
    • Put the test in a new package, named action.user
    • Include omnibus pass and fail tests and individual fail testes for username and password.
  • Extend UserService to include a findByName (or Username) method. Use JQL to select the User object using a username.


  • Created a new unit test
  • Coded a JQL statement
  • Retrieved and verified input parameters

Hint Code

To test retrievals, we need a known dataset to be available in the database.

public class LoginTest extends TestCase {
    UserService helper;
    User user;
    public void setUp() throws Exception {
    helper = new UserServiceImpl();
    user = new UserImpl();
    user.setFullName("John Q. User");
    public void tearDown() throws Exception {
    private boolean authenticate(String username, String password) {
    User foundValue = (User) helper.findByName(username);
    if ((foundValue != null) && !foundValue.getPassword().equals(password)) {
    foundValue = null;
    return (foundValue != null);

To make LoginTest.setUp to work, add a flush method to UserService.

public void flush() throws PersistenceException {
    EntityManager manager = EntityManagerHelper.getEntityManager();
private static final String FIND_BY_NAME_QUERY =
    "SELECT u FROM USER u WHERE u.username = :username";

Extra Credit

  • Use DatabaseExplorer to confirm that the "user" entity is not being retained.
  • Add findByName methods to SubscribeService and ProtocolService.
  • Add tests to exercise the new methods. (Put the tests in SubscriptionServiceTest and ProtocolServiceTest.)
  • Repeat for a findAll method.

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