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We explore and extend a simple "Hello World" work flow that demonstrates the basics of web application infrastructure.

Presentation - Integrating Spring 2 Core and JPA with Struts 2

With a web development infrastructure in place, we walk through the Struts JPA MailReader to take a closer look at how it all fits together.

(This session reviews live code rather than slides.)

Workshop [with instructor]

In the lab, we add a logon form to our web application.

From struts2-entity on courseware media

  • Edit index.jsp to add link <li><a href="<s:url namespace="/user" action="login" method="input"/>">Log into MailReader</a></li>
  • Copy WebRoot/expection.jsp to WebRoot
  • Copy WebRoot/user/.jsp to WebRoot/user/.jsp
  • Create src/main/action package
  • Copy action/*.java to action package
  • Create src/main/action/user package
  • Copy action/user/*.java to action/user package
  • Copy entity/user/*.java to entity.user package
  • Copy entity/*.java to entity package
  • Copy struts.xml to src/struts.xml (overwriing)

Hint Code

All code is provided.


  • Added integrated JPA with Struts 2 to retrieve user account.

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