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MailReader is an example application included with Struts framework since the beginning. The application has been updated from time to time, and "alternative" MailReaders showcasing new technologies are beginning to appear.

This site hosts additional information about the official Struts MailReader as well as the alternative implementations. Our goal is to help developers better understand the various MailReader implementations, and, who knows, maybe even help you write a MailReader of your very own.

MailReader Object Model

MailReader Object Model This is a textual representation of the MailReader's data access API. We invite donation of a graphical version.
MailReader Database Worksheet This worksheet outlines the development of the Mailreader database access layer.

MailReader Demos

Struts Dialog version
Struts Layout version
Struts Portlet version The portlet link is broken - but I believe an implementation is available from Struts Bridge
Apache Struts 2 version Struts 2 implementation

MailReader Source

Struts 1 Source
Struts 2 Source
Apache Shale Source
Apache Shale JPA Source

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