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Read Mail
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Visitors can login or register with the system, maintain a set of subscriptions to various mail servers (external to the system), retrieve the mail for subscriptions, and compose email messages.


Trillian is traveling without a laptop and would like to check her mail. Using the hotel's business center, she goes to the MailReader website, browses a few pages, and then he creates an account. Trillian enters the details for her email subscription, marking it for Auto Check. Trillian opens the check mail page and selects the Check Mail command. She reviews the mail for her account, replies to one of the emails, and composes a new email. The system retains her registration for a period of time, so Trillilan can login again later, or the next time she is away.


Goal Read Mail
Level User Goal (outermost) (User Goal, Summary, Subfunction)
Trigger Someone has mail they would like to read
Primary Actor Visitor or Subscriber

Main Success Scenario (MSS)

Step Action
1 Visitor opens Welcome page
2 Visitor selects the login command
3 Subscriber selects the check mail command
4 Subscriber browses mail
5 Subscriber composes messages and replies

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