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Hibernate 3 provides a an extensive but easy-to-use system for vetting data submitted to an entity object.

Presentation - Going Beyond JPA with Hibernate 3

Hibernate 3 is a superset of the JPA. In this session, we look at some of the "added value" extensions offered by Hibernate 3.

  • Criteria Queries
  • Annotation Extensions
  • Validator
  • Search
  • Shards

Workshop - Register extensions

In the lab, we use the Hibernate validator to prevent "garbage" input.

Story: Values submitted by the Register form must be the correct type, and some values are required.

  • Utilize the Hibernate Validator to confirm input with annotations


  • @NotEmpty
  • @Email
  • @Length


  • Use Hibernate Validator classes (org.hibernate.validator.*) to annotate the User entity to realize the extensions to the Register Use Case
    • Username and Password are required
    • Password length must be at least 4 characters and no more than 10
    • Full Name is required
    • From Address and Reply To Addresses must be email addresses
  • Write unit tests to prove the validations work!

Hint code



  • Utilized the Hibernate Validator to confirm input with annotations

Extra Credit

  • Annotate and test Subscription and Protocol
  • Use the @ForeignKey annotation to give the Derby constraints sensible names
  • Use @GeneratedValue to create UUIDs for the User, Subscription, and Protocol IDs.

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