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"A Plausible Requirements Outline" is adapted from Writing Effective Use Cases, pages 13-14.

A Plausible Requirements Outline

Chapter 1. Purpose and Scope

1a. What is the overall scope and goal? What is our mission statement?
1b. Who are the Stakeholders? (Who cares if we build the system or not?)
1c. What topics are within our scope? What topics are out of scope?

Chapter 2. Terms Used / Glossary

Chapter 3. The Use Cases

3a. The primary actors and their general goals
3b. The business use cases (operations concepts)
3c. The system use cases

Chapter 4. The Technology Used

4a. What technology requirements are there for this system?
4b. With what systems will this system interface? What are the interface requirements?

Chapter 5. Other requirements

5a. Development process
  Q1. Who are the project participants?
  Q2. What values will be reflected? (Simple, soon, fast, or flexible?)
  Q3. What feedback or project visibility do the users and sponsors expect?
  Q4. What can we import? What must we build? What other systems have a similar scope?
  Q5. Under what other process requirements does the project operate?
5b. Business Rules
5c. Performance
5d. Operations, security, documentation
5e. Use and usability
5f. Maintenance and portability
5g. Unresolved or deferred

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