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Serialize Access to a Resource
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This is a partial example of a "Fully-Dressed" Use Case that describes a programming workflow rather than an application workflow. This extract is taken from "Writing Effective Use Cases" by Alistair Cockburn, pg 46.

Use Case 13 - Serialize Access to a Resource

Primary Actor: Service Client Object
Scope: Concurrency Service Framework (CSF)
Level: User Goal

Main Success Scenario:

1. Service Client asks a Resource Lock to give it specified access.
2. The Resource Lock returns control to the Service Client so that it may use the Resource.
3. Service Client uses the Resource.
4. Service Client informs the Resource Lock that it is finished with the Resource.
5. Resource Lock cleans up after the Service Client.


2a. Resource Lock finds that Service Client already has access to the resource.
.1 Resource Lock [applies a lock conversion policy] (User Case 14) to the request.
2b. Resource Lock finds that the resource is already in use.
.1 The Resource Lock [applies a compatabilty policy] (User Case 15) to grant access to the Service Client.
2c. Resource Locking Holding time limit is nonzero:
.1 Resource Lock starts the holding timer.

The complete Use Case (taken from a real-life project) goes on to to describe another four extensions ... but you get the idea.

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