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The "Setup JPA" session includes a brief overview of the course. The workshop for the initial session are instructor-lead, to build momentum.

Course Preview

We introduce the workshop outline and related materials. How will the workshop be presented? What will the workshop accomplish?

About the Presentations

  • Each session begins with a general presentation that covers the exercise prerequisites.

About the Workshops

  • Each workshop implements a use case from a working example application, the "MailReader". Each exercise builds on the prior workshop, so that we have a complete, functioning application at the end. The initial workshops cover the simplest use cases. Later workshops cover more complicated topics.

About the Courseware

  • Required software and other materials are pre-installed on a USB drive, provided to each student. The entire course can be run from the USB drive, including Java and the IDE.
  • The presentation for each session is provided on the USB drive in the {{slides}] folder in PDF format.
  • A solution for each workshop is provided in the labs folder.
  • The use cases and lab-notes for each works are provided in the handouts folder.

Building Persistence Applications

We overview the Java Persistence API, and setup a starter JPA application, complete with database.

Presentation - Building Persistence Applications

We start from square one and discuss why we we need a ORM persistence solution, and how the JPA and Hibernate solve our persistence problems.

  • What's the problem?
  • How does JPA (or Hibernate 3) work?
  • Does MyEclipse work with JPA?

Main Workshop - Starter [with instructor]

In the lab, we use MyEclipse to create a simple JPA application.

Story: The development team needs to setup a Java JPA project and database for the MailReader application.

  • Create new project from template
  • Configure and create new database for project

(The exercise is done as a group, to be sure that everyone gets off to a good start.)


  • MyEclipse 6 (preinstalled on USB drive)
  • Starter template application (see Starter (create))
  • Database connection


  • Copy starter template application as mailreader project
  • Update persistence.xml
  • Run unit test to bootstrap database
  • Open connection from Database Explorer to verify


  • Created new project from template
  • Configured and create new database for project

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