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Struts University presentations are available for several topics. A SU course will present a selection of these topics, along with a corresponding workshop. For the presentation/workshop session notes, follow the link.

  Topic References Supplemental Topics
Migrating to Apache Struts 2    
Building Struts 2 Applications SIA 3,4; WIA 1,2,3 Application Infrastructure, IDEA/Eclipse, MailReader Tour
Building Web Applications SIA 3,4; WIA 1,2,3 Application Infrastructure, IDEA/Eclipse, MailReader Tour
Jumpstarting JUnit JIA 1 Data Services SIA 14; Spring
Capturing Input SIA 10, STC 11-15; WIA 9 EL, JSTL
Validating Input SIA 5,12; WIA 13  
Test-Driving Web Development WT Whitepaper Ant, WebTest
Mapping Workflows SIA 6,7; WIA 7  
Localizing Content SIA 13, STC 10; WIA 14  
Displaying Dynamic Content SIA 10, STC 13; WIA 9  
Polishing the User Interface SR 4, Layout; WIA 11 Display Tag Library
Coding Business Logic SIA 8,9, STC 19; WIA 4,5  
Composing Pages SIA 11; SiteMesh  
Reviewing Best Practices Catalog; WIA 15  


  • JIA - JUnit Action Action, Massol et al.
  • SIA - Struts in Action, Husted et al. (Action 1 course)
  • WIA - WebWork in Action, Lightbody et al. (Action 2/WebWork course)
  • STC - Struts: The Complete Reference, Holmes (A1 course)
  • SR - Struts Recipes, Franciscus et al. (A1 course)
  • SpIA - Spring in Action, Walls et al.

Topics Under Construction

Session Topic References Supplemental Topics
A Enriching Views with AjaxTags xhrstruts  
B Wiring Wizards Examples  
C Using Data Services SIA 14 Article Cayenne, Derby, iBATIS
D Securing Applications with Acegi SpIA 11  
Browse-Notes (Struts University)
Localize-Notes (Struts University)
Logout-Notes (Struts University)
Menu-Notes (Struts University)
Migrating-Notes (Struts University)
Practices-Notes (Struts University)
Profile-Notes (Struts University)
Register-Notes (Struts University)
Register2-Notes (Struts University)
Retain-Notes (Struts University)
Subscribe-Notes (Struts University)
Theme-Notes (Struts University)
Welcome-Notes (Struts University)

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