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The MailReader application manages several persistent objects. Using data access objects (DAOs) can help separate the persistence services from the business serivces.


Marvin creates a MessageDao class to see if data access objects will help manage the MailReader code. Spring supports the @PersistenceContext annotation, meaning that an EntityManager can be injected into the DAO.

He starts by taking the existing MessageTestCase and converting the heart of each test to a DAO method. In the end, the MessageDao class has methods like count, create, find, update, delete.

To prove to Ford that all the DAO work, Marvin creates a JUnit test that exercises the DAO operations automatically. Instead of setting up an EntityManager member, the test setUp retrieves the messageDao from a Spring catalog that has been updated to recognize the @PersistenceContext annotation.


Goal Create, retrieve, update, and delete entity objects.
Level Subfunction (User Goal, Summary, Subfunction)
Trigger System needs to invoke a CRUD operation.
Primary Actor System

Main Success Scenario (MSS)

Step Action
1 Copy MessageTestCase as MessageDao
2 Add an EntityManager setter with a @PersistenceContext annotation
3 Rework MessageDao tests into data access methods that use the manager field
4 Update spring.xml to add an LocalEntityManagerFactoryBean,
PersistenceAnnotationBeanPostProcessor, and MessageDao reference
5 Copy MessageTestCase as MessageDaoTestCase and rework to utilize MessageDao

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