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Why not do this through Open Symphony rather than Apache and make this WebWork 3?

Benefits of handling the merger as an Apache project include:

  • The Apache Software Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation that insulates its volunteers from liablitity.
  • The Foundation provides an assurance to the user community that the software will remain available under the business-friendly Apache License.
  • Many teams are already authorized to use Apache Struts. Obtaining authorization to use another product can be a lengthy process.

Will related OpenSymphony projects, like SiteMesh and XWork, merge with Apache Struts too?

Probably not. Apache Struts already uses other products internally, and we can use SiteMesh and XWork too.

Is this a proposal for "Struts 2.x"?

Not yet. If we are able to create a clear and simple migration path from Struts 1.x to Struts Ti, then the Struts PMC may want to consider calling the product Struts Action Framework 2.x, but it's too soon to say.

Will development work on Struts 1.x and WebWork 2.x continue?

Yes, we expect that it will. The Struts and WebWork committers are also Struts and WebWork users, and we would want to keep both products up to date. It's also possible that we may help people using the frameworks migrate to Ti step-by-step through a series of changes to the existing codebases.

Will Struts Ti be compatible with Struts 1.3? WebWork 2.2?

Yes, using migration tools and compatibility classes, we hope to run most existing applications out of the box and provide a clear migration path that existing applications can follow.

Will WebWork in Action be a useful resource for Struts Ti?

For the first phase, yes. The first phase of Ti is expected to be WebWork 2.2. with a Struts 1.x migration layer. In the second phase of Ti, there would be additional changes, just as there might have been for WebWork 3.x.

Will existing books on Struts 1.x be a useful resource for Struts Ti?

If successful, Struts Ti would become Struts Action 2.x, and it likely that most Struts 1.x references would not be relevent. Of course, this is often the case when a product rolls the major version number.

Will [OGNL, Velocity, Tiles, SiteMesh, Chain, Interceptors, Validator, *] be support by Ti.

We expect that key Struts 1.3 technologies and all WebWork 2.2 technologies will be supported.

Will Spring be used as an enabling technology?


Will Struts Ti be compatible with Spring MVC? Any other frameworks?

Our primary target is Struts 1.3 and WebWork 2.2, but we'd like to support great ideas from other frameworks too.

If I'm starting a new project right now, should I use Struts or WebWork?

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