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Added by Ted Husted, last edited by Ted Husted on Sep 11, 2006  (view change)

  • Each issue is assigned a key. Keys are assigned sequentially but are otherwise meaningless, arbitrary identifiers.
  • All Subversion commits should reference an issue key in the commit log.
    • Keys can be used in as many commit logs as needed.
    • Multiple keys can be referenced by the same commit log.
    • As needed, add an issue here before committing.
  • Each iteration (release) should have its own issue table.
    • Issue keys must be unique among all iterations.
      • Create new issues for defects that are discovered in a later iteration, even if it is the same use case.
  • Some use cases will require multiple issues to implement, and additional issues may be needed to later improve or repair the use case implementation.
  • Ideally, an issue key should be referenced by only one iteration.
  • The iteration/issue tables are intended for roadmap planning. Working from the bottom up, the position in the table should indicate priority. If an issue does not make an iteration, it can be moved up to the bottom of the next iteration.

Table Legend

Key SP- + integer
Use Case Link to Use Case. Every feature should be linked to a use case.
Status Resolved = , Coding in progress=, Not a problem=, empty otherwise
Type Feature, Defect, or Task (such as setting up infrastructure)
Summary Remark or description of defect. A defect that requires a lengthy description might be a new feature.
  • Last issue used: SP-6


Key Use Case Status Type Summary

Release 0.2

Key Use Case Status Type Summary

Release 0.1

Key Use Case Status Type Summary
SP-6   Task Extract reusable framework code into separate package.
SP-5 View Latest News Task  
SP-4   Task Prioritize the use cases in terms of a series of iterations in which we implement the use cases. Each iteration should produce an application that does some useful work.
SP-3 Submit Article Feature Initial implementation
SP-2   Task Define requirements and use cases.
SP-1   Task Setup PRIM infrastructure

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