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Angelo Pizzo visits SportsForge to submit a story. He signs on, selects the Submit a News Story command, and the system presents a form which Anglo completes.

Type ( ) Game
( ) Interview
(*) Other
Number of Photos 0
Headline Salmon River Boys Win Over Alex Bay in Semis
Body The Salmon River Shamrocks win over the Alexandria Bay Purple Ghosts by the score of 3-2. Salmon River scored 5:47 into the first period on a powerplay. A-Bay tied the at 1 with just 55 seconds left in the period. Salmon scored 1 goal in the second period and 1 goal late in the 3rd to take a commanding 3-1 lead. The final score was 3-2. Trevin Thompson led the Shamrocks with 2 goals. Devan George added 1 goal for Salmon River. Brandon Hollis and Austin Wago ...

A few minutes later, Angelo recieves an email confirmation.

Thank you for submitting your article. If your article is used on the site you will be notified immediately via email. Thank you, Myra, SportsForge.

The site administrator, Myra, receives a copy of the confirmation, so that she can follow up.


Goal Submit Article
Level User Goal (User Goal, Summary, Subfunction)
Trigger User has a story to submit
Primary Actor User

Main Success Scenario (MSS)

Step Action
1 From Welcome, authenticated client selects Submit Article command.
2 System presents Article data-entry form.
3 Client submits completed form.
4 System [validates input].
5 System [saves article].
6 System [sends email confirmation] to user.
7 System presents [Thank You], with links to [Welcome], Submit Article, or [Edit Preferences].


Step Branching Action
1a Client is not authenticated.
.1 System presents [Sign On].
4a Data-entry is invalid or incomplete.
.1 System returns to Step 2, presenting values already entered.
.2 System prompts client to enter a missing headline or body, or enter a numeric value in the range 1 to 5 for number of photos.
2. System returns at Step 2, presenting prompts.
5a Save fails.
.1 Exit to System handles error.
6a Email notification fails
.1 Exit to System handles error.

System handles error

Step Action
1 System [logs error].
2 System [sends email notification].
3 System presents [Unexpected Error].

Preconditions and Guarantees

Preconditions Client is authenticated and at Welcome.
Minimal Guarantees Errors logged.
Success Guarantees Article is saved and confirmed.

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