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Use Cases
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Use cases are part of the requirements but not all of the requirements.


(2.) Terms Used

Section One or multiple Leagues (Section 10, Section 3, Section 5)
League Multiple teams in multiple sports (Fairport Baseball, Greece Baseball, Fairport Softball, Webster Softball, etc..)
Team A school name or team name (Webster School or Wegman's in youth soccer league or something)
Sport Specific sport like boys basketball, girls tennis, ...
Community League One sport for one community or organization with multiple teams.


(3a.) The "actors" involved in the system under design (stakeholder that triggers a use case)

Actor General goals Straw User
Administrator Sets up initial website and maintains overall control Myra Fleener
  • Adds/Edits Roster and Schedules for his team
  • Updates stats for his team
Norman Dale
Student Writer Adds/Edits Stories to system for review by admin Angelo Pizzo
Visitor Browses site looking for latest high school sports info Jane Anderson
Subscriber Reviews changes to site via a RSS or Atom feed Laurie White

Business Use Cases

(3b.) The business use cases (operations concepts)

Priority Actor Goal Story or Brief Issue ID
  Student Writer Register Angelo Pizzo has browsed the SportsForge site several times, and he decides to register so that he can submit stories. Angelo selects the Register command from the SportsForge home page, and the system presents a form that asks for his Name, Username, Password, and email. Angelo submits the completed form, and the system presents a thank you page. From the thank you page, Angelo can choose to return to the Home page, Submit Article, or Preferences
    [Thank You]  
    [Edit Preferences]  
    [Sign On]  
  Student Writer Submit Article Registered users can submit stories for staff review prior to publication on the site. SP-1
    Administrator Login  
    Administrative Commands  
    Add Sport  
    Add Division  
    Add Class  
    Add Position  
    Add School  
    [Admin Roster Schedule]  
    Add Game  
    Add Player  
    Administrator Update Score  
    [Update Score]  
    [Enter Score]  
    [Add Photos]  
    View Latest News   SP-5
    View Player Stats  
    View Schedule Roster  
    View Leaderboard  
    [Coach - Add-Enter Stats]  
    Coach - Add Player  

System Use Cases

(3c.) The system use cases (development concepts)

Priority Actor Goal Story or Brief Issue ID
1   Setup PRIM Infrastructure "Be Proactive." SP-1
1   Define requirements and use cases "Begin with the end in mind." SP-1
1   Prioritize use cases into iterations "First things first." SP-1
    [Validate Input]    
    [Save Article]    
    [Send Email Confirmation]    

Not implemented
Work in progress
Administrative Commands (SportsForge)
Administrator Login (SportsForge)
Coach - Add Player (SportsForge)
Submit Article (SportsForge)
View Latest News (SportsForge)
View Leaderboard (SportsForge)
View Player Stats (SportsForge)
View Schedule Roster (SportsForge)
z(old)Admin - Add Class (SportsForge)
z(old)Admin - Add Division (SportsForge)
z(old)Admin - Add Player (SportsForge)
z(old)Admin - Add Position (SportsForge)
z(old)Admin - Add Schedule (SportsForge)
z(old)Admin - Add School (SportsForge)
z(old)Admin - Add Sport (SportsForge)

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