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Re: [Struts-sportsforge-dev] SportsForge Setup
Subject:   Re: [Struts-sportsforge-dev] SportsForge Setup (find more)
From:   tm jee <tm_jee@yahoo.co.uk> (find more)
Date:   Jul 28, 2006

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  • [Struts-sportsforge-dev] SportsForge Setup

    I've setup an infrastructure for the project, and we have a good start on a requirements outline and set of use cases.

    • Re: [Struts-sportsforge-dev] SportsForge Setup

      For the entiy types....... When I designed this my thoughts were that every user is a potential author. Anyone that registers on the site can submit a news story. Should Authors be a separate entity? Or should we rename the User entity to Author?

      • Re: [Struts-sportsforge-dev] SportsForge Setup

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