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Project Goal

Goal of Commons.NET is to become an extension of the .NET Base Class Library that provides support for the generally useful low-level features that are missing from the BCL, such as additional collection types (Set, Bag, etc.), logging abstraction, object graph navigation, dynamic proxy generation, etc.


Commons.NET was started as a joint effort of several .NET open source projects when we realized that there is a lot of common functionality accross the various projects that does not represent the core value proposition of either one. Idea is that we can all benefit by moving that functionality into a separate, low-level functionality-only project that we can all reuse.

Feel free to read the discussion thread that lead to the creation of this wiki.

Proposed Feature Contributions by Project

Spring.NET Contributions
Struts Contributions
IBatis.NET Contributions
[NHibernate Contributions]
DotNet Commons Contributions
Castle Project Contributions

Initial Jakarta Apache Project Proposal