Struts Reloaded

Whiteboard area to discuss "next generation" architectures for Struts Core, including Struts Ti.

The WebWork Agenda

The Agenda Workflow

Current step is: 3

1 Follow up with Patrick and Jason about the merger post.
2 Create a QuickTopic to continue the conversation.
3 Setup a wiki space to draft proposal documents. (You are here.)
4 Invite the rest of the Struts and WebWork committers to the table.
5 Update the initial proposal(s) as needed.
6 Develop a MailReader for WebWork application.
7 Draft an Incubator proposal to manage donation of the WW2 codebase.
8 Launch.


3a Consider drafting a "mirror" proposal targeted for the WebWork development community.
3b Consider writing system Use Cases for Struts Action 1.x and WebWork 2.x, to help compare and contrast similarities and differences.