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 h2. Welcome to the iBATIS Wiki
 Here you will find up-to-date information the most recent releases of the framework. You'll find helpful hints and tips that either haven't made it to the documentation, or will never be part of the official documentation.
 _This site is maintained by the iBATIS development community, but this site is not affiliated with the Apache Software Foundation._
 {color:blue}{*}{_}This is not the iBATIS Home Page._{*}{color} *The homepage is at* *[http://ibatis.apache.org]*
  {color:red}{*}{_}This is NOT a support forum. If you need help with a problem, please use the{_}{*}{color} {color:red}{*}_[{color:red}{*}{_}mailing lists{_}{*}{color}|http://ibatis.apache.org/mailinglists.html]_{*}{color}{color:red}{*}_._{*}{color}
  {color:red}{*}{_}This is NOT a support forum. If you need help with a problem, please use the mailinglists ([java|http://www.mail-archive.com/user-java@ibatis.apache.org/] / [.NET|http://www.mail-archive.com/user-cs@ibatis.apache.org/])
 h1. iBATIS 3
 h4. Documentation
 * [Contribute Documentation]
 * [iBATIS 3 Maven project tutorial|iBATIS 3]
 * [Porting sqlMapConfig and sqlMap XML from 2.x to 3.0 (draft)|http://opensource.atlassian.com/confluence/oss/display/IBATIS/Porting+sqlMapConfig+and+sqlMap+XML+from+2.x+to+3.0]
 * For more visit, the *official* [iBATIS Website|http://ibatis.apache.org].
 h4. Brainstorming
 * [iBATIS 3.0 Whiteboard] ([iBATIS 3.0 Whiteboard - Korean])
 h4. Information
 * [Who is using iBATIS?]
 * [Articles and other coverage of iBATIS]
 * [Feedback and Experiences]
 h4. Committer Resources
 * [iBATIS Release Process]
 * [Updating the Website]
 h1. iBATIS 2 Specific
 h4. Support Resources
 * [Quick Start Guide]
 * [Frequently Asked Questions]
 * [Not Yet Documented]
 * [Environment Specific Information]
 * [3rd Party Contributions]
 * [3rd Party Ibator Plugins]
 * [Type Handler Callbacks]
 * [Converting iBATIS DAO to Spring DAO]
 h4. Work in Progress
 * *Old 2.x stuff*
 ** [Roadmap]
 ** [Improved Dynamic SQL Whiteboard]
 ** [Oracle REF CURSOR Solutions]
 ** [Logging Long Running Queries]
 ** [Improved Stored Procedure Support Whiteboard]
 h4. Building from source
 * [Windows]
 * [Unix / OS X|unix]
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