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 The content of this space is distributed under the [Apache License 2.0|http://apache.org/licenses].
 h2. Background
 |[RoadMap]|Where OverDrive is going|
 |[Gist]|OverDrive Distilled!|
 |[Nexus Soup-to-Nuts]|A step-by-step tour of the Nexus architecture|
 |[WhitePaper]|An overview the OverDrive application framework|
 |[Helper API]|Initial design of UI Helper classes|
 |[PhoneBook Design]|Development folder for the PhoneBook application|
 |[FAQ]|Other frequently asked questions|
  |[Forum] |Got a question of your own? Ask it here! |
  |[Forum] |*Got a question of your own?* Ask it here! |
 h2. Installation
 |[Subversion Readme]|Notes on obtaining the OverDrive source code|
 |[VStudio Readme]|Notes on building the applications with Visual Studio|
 |[Database Readme]|Notes on setting up the database system|
 h2. Change Reports
 |Documentation Logs|To receive email reports of changes to this space, log in, and then [click this link|http://opensource.atlassian.com/confluence/oss/spaces/addspacenotification.action?key=OVR]. (Be sure that "Send me daily change report email" is enabled in [your profile|http://opensource.atlassian.com/confluence/oss/users/editmyprofile.action].)
 |Source Logs|To receive the source-code change logs, subscribe to the [Struts Dev List|http://struts.apache.org/mail.html] and watch for SVN commits to "struts/sandbox/trunk/overdrive/".|
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