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  This is the home page for the GBuild space. You can edit the content of this page using the _Edit_ link on the right.
  h1. GBuild
 _"When I close my eyes and think big, I see a large federation consisting of smaller groups of machines from individuals and companies sharing some common building/testing infrastructure, open to and co-maintained by members of the community projects, building all our code all the time and testing it on every variety of OS, VM and Database imaginable...."_
  -- David Blevins, Oct 26, 2005:
 h2. Contributors to the Initiative
 Many thanks to all the community members that support GBuild through donations!
  - David Blevins -- Purchased two machines to launch GBuild
  - Dain Sundstrom -- Purchased two machines to launch GBuild
  - [Simula Labs|] -- Donates hosting for several of the machines in the GBuild Network
  - [Chariot Solutions|] -- Contributed three machines plus hosting
 h2. Resources
 | Continuum ||
 | Confluence | |
 | JIRA | |
 | Hosts | |
 h2. Technical
  - [GBuild Agent Overview]
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