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 h2. Code Generators
 Tools which generate SQL Maps and or Java files, some implemented as a plugin to an IDE. Many have the same goals as [Ibator|http://ibatis.apache.org/ibator.html], which is maintained by the iBATIS team.
 * [Ibator|http://ibatis.apache.org/ibator.html] by the iBATIS team
 Not really a 3rd party tool as it is maintained by the iBATIS team, but needs to be in this list for reference. It is actively maintained, with an [Eclipse|http://eclipse.org/] plug-in.
  Not really a 3rd party tool, it is maintained by the iBATIS team, but included here for reference. Actively maintained, with an [Eclipse|http://eclipse.org/] plug-in
 * [IDEA plug-in|IDEA_PLUG_IN] by Libing Chen and Larry Meadors
 Has (reasonably) intelligent SQL generation for CRUD operations, as well as a few other feature that we haven't gotten documented yet.
 * [SQL Map Generator|http://alxeg.narod.ru/ibatis/index.html] by Alex Egorov
 Some handy scripts to generate SQL Maps and configuration. If you're looking to jumpstart your development with iBATIS, this is a good tool to try. The website is a bit slow, but it's a lot faster than coding by hand.
 * [Jasmine IDE plug-in|Jasmine IDE IBatis GUI] by Gregory Engel
 A point and click program for building maps/ value objects and a dao class.
* [JavaModelGenerator through Velocity|http://home.tele2.it/gmb71/IBatis/Abator/index.html]
  * [JavaModelGenerator through Velocity] by Gian Marco
 Velocity Java model creation through Velocity's templates
 * [IBatisNetGen|http://www.cnblogs.com/smartkid/archive/2007/02/22/653828.html]
 Generates IBatisNet SQL mapping file and a group of CSharp classes from a database table.
 * [iBATIS plugin for IntelliJ IDEA|http://code.google.com/p/ibatis-plugin]
 iBATIS plugin is aimed to accelerate iBATIS development in IntelliJ IDEA.
  iBATIS plugin aimed at accelerating iBATIS development in [IntelliJ IDEA|http://www.jetbrains.com/idea/].
 h2. Convert ResultSet to JSTL Result
 [Convert ResultSet to JSTL Result] was originally posted to [gmane.comp.java.ibatisdb.user|http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.comp.java.ibatisdb.user/261] and included here for reference
 h2. EHCache support for iBatis
 [EHCache support for iBatis] is a CacheController implementation and configuration to delegate iBatis caching to EhCache.
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