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Frequently Asked Questions
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 h1. Frequently Asked Questions
 h2. iBATIS Java
 h3. General
 * [What is the difference between the iBATIS DAO framework and iBATIS SQL Maps]?
 * [How do I get read-only access to the source control repository]?
 * [Where can I get more information about Data Access Objects (DAOs)|Where can I get more information about Data Access Objects]?
 * [Which database-driver-combinations are known to work with iBATIS DAO and SqlMap]?
 h3. How do I...
 * [How do I call a stored procedure]?
 * [How do I connect using a user's credentials]?
 * [How do I get around the N Plus 1 selects problem]?
 * [How do I get SqlMapClient to log SQL statements]?
 * [How do I improve SQL Map performance]?
 * [How do I use LIKE in my queries]?
 * [How do I use POUND or DOLLAR symbols in my queries]?
 * [How do I use a Custom Type Handler with complex property or Type Safe Enumeration]?
 * [How do I use Enums with annotations]?
 * [How do I reuse SQL-fragments]?
 * [How do I pass in a dynamic table name - or other uncommon parameters]?
 * [How do I Configure Logging in WebSphere]?
 * [How do I use a JNDI DataSource with iBATIS in Tomcat?]
 * [How do I configure a Jakarta DBCP-datasource]?
 * [How do I use a BLOB or CLOB]?
 * [How do I use an Oracle Ref Cursor?]
 * [How do I get a Map of results instead of a List]?
 * [How do I build from source on unix|unix]?
 * [How do I get dynamic DataSources with iBATIS and Spring?]
 * [How do I gain access to underlying JDBC Objects?]
 h3. Common Problems
 * [Why can't I use a property that begins with a single lower-case letter]?
 * [What causes an Invalid column type error with Oracle]?
 * [How do I use the Java WSDP with iBATIS]?
 * [How can I enable the caching feature of iBATIS?|http://opensource2.atlassian.com/confluence/oss/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=3304]
 * [Why can't I get selectKey and sequences to work properly with Oracle]?
 h2. iBATIS .NET
 h3. General
 * [Where do I get the latest binaries, source, and documentation releases]?
 * [How do I get read-only access to the source control repository]?
 * [What should my properties.config file look like]?
 * [What database-provider combinations have been tested with the .NET DataMapper]?
 * [How do I generate PDF and HTML Help files from the latest documentation XML source files in the source control repository]?
 * [How do I setup NPetshop]?
 * [Is there a simple way to use transactions in my service layer without having to use a seperate dao.config file]?
 * [How do I build the DataMapper and DataAccess assemblies?]
 h3. How do I...
 * [How do I use an embedded sqlMap.config file]?
 * [How do I use POUND or DOLLAR symbols in my queries]?
 * [How do I use an insert statement? cs]
 * [How do I use an Oracle Ref Cursor? cs]
 * [How do I use a Custom Type Handler? cs]
  * [How do I use a map Enums?]
  * [How do I map Enums?]
 * [How do I choose what sql statements appear in my log files]?
 * [How do I execute multiple SQL statements at one time with Oracle?]
 * [How do I set the connection string per user in Web context ]
 h3. Common Problems
 * [Why am I getting an exception about my provider not being found in providers.config?]
 * [Why am I having problems inserting dates into Oracle?]
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