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 h2. Read Me First
 We prefer to discuss OverDrive here on the wiki, rather than on (the rather busy) Apache Struts mailing lists.
 If you have a question or concern that doesn't correlate to any of the other wiki pages, please feel free to create a new child page here. To respond, people can add a comment to the page you create.
 * To create a child page, you must first open an account here and log in.
 If you [watch this space|http://opensource.atlassian.com/confluence/oss/spaces/viewspacecontent.action?key=OVR], you will receive notification of new pages and comments.
 Our goal is to extend the wiki pages in other areas to cover new questions and concerns as they arise here. As forum pages become redundant -- because the topic is covered elsehwere -- it's possible that we may remove pages from the forum area.
 Before posting, please be sure to check the [FAQ|Home#FAQ].
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