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 First things first, you will need to have subversion installed on your local machine. You can get it from the Subversion [site|http://subversion.tigris.org/]. Then create a directory in which to work. I've created the directory 'C:\iBatis' as an example.
 Next step is to check out the latest code from the respository:
 C:\iBatis> svn co [http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/ibatis/trunk]
 At this point you should have the entire directory structure starting with trunk in your working directory.
 C:\iBatis> cd trunk\java\mapper\mapper2\build
 You are now in the build directory. There are multiple scripts in this directory for building ibatis.
 {info:title=Building with Java 1.5}
 You will need to obtain an implementation of xalan. I would suggest downloading the version from [http://xml.apache.org/xalan-j/].
 Copy the xalan.jar and serializer.jar files into the trunk\java\mapper\mapper2\devlib directory.
 Now just run ant to do the build:
 C:\iBatis> .\ant all
  C:\iBatis> build.bat
 We choose here to build 'all', but you can run different targets by passing the name to the ant command. 'ant -p' will tell you targets that are available. For example, to run the 'clean' target, you would do this:
 C:\iBatis> .\ant clean
  C:\iBatis> clean.bat
 You get the picture :-)
 Have fun\!
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