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How do I build the DataMapper and DataAccess assemblies?
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Building the Assemblies

The IBatisNet.DataMapper, IBatisNet.DataAccess, and IBatisNet.Common assemblies can be built by using Visual Studio or by using NAnt and the iBATIS.build file.

Project Dependencies

If you get an error about a missing NHibernate.dll, it is due to a dependency on NHibernate by the IBatisNet.DataAccess.Extensions project. If you do not need NHibernate support, you can "remove" the DataAccess.Extensions and DataAccess.Test projects from the IBatisNet.sln and/or DataAccess.sln. Otherwise, download the required NHibernate assemblies and place them in the External-Bin\Net\1.1 directory.

The reason why we do not bundle NHibernate with the source is that it is licensed under the LGPL.

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